Process and Timeline

*Updated on October 12*

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Phase 1 - Organization (Complete)

Phase 2 - Evaluation Process (Complete)

Phase 3 - Demonstration (Complete)

Phase 4 - Migration and Implementation

Phase 5 - Ongoing Operations

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Phase 1 – Organization (COMPLETE)

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Phase 2 – Evaluation (COMPLETE)

  • Gathered initial feedback:
    • Stakeholder meetings/focus groups: Conducted 6 stakeholder input sessions with faculty, instructional support staff, graduate and undergraduate student leadership, and central staff whose work interfaces with the LMS
    • Campus-wide survey (November 11 – December 1)
  • LMS Steering Committee reviewed input
  • Development of the Request for Proposal Development (RFP): Steering Committee met three times to developed the required and preferred elements list for the RFP; discussion and decisions were informed via the data collected during the multiple face-to-face stakeholder meetings as well as the online survey results. These broad categories were created to ensure vendors address specific needs based on stakeholder input: Course Management, Migration, Mobile Capabilities, Learning Analytics, Accessibility Requirements, Technology, and Integration.
  • Required and desired feature survey posted for open comment period (January 19 - 31). Promoted through the following channels:
  • Review of feedback by LMS Steering Committee
  • RFP out for bid February 23 - March 24, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. To learn about Iowa State University's RFP process and access the LMS RFP visit ISU's Procurement Services: Current Bid Solicitation website.
  • 2-4 vendor finalists will be selected for on campus demonstrations tentatively in mid-April
  • LMS selection enters final stages article (May 4, 2017) on Inside Iowa State website.


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Phase 3 – Demonstration (COMPLETE)

On-Campus Vendor Demonstrations

Instructure Canvas

Desire 2 Learn

LMS Product Overviews

CELT and ITS staff will provide scenario-based overviews of the two LMS product vendors selected to give on-campus presentations: Desire 2 Learn and Instructure Canvas. Each overview presentation will feature both products. These overviews are for faculty, staff and students at Iowa State University.


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Phase 4 – Migration and Implementation


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Phase 5 – Ongoing Operations

  • Dependent upon any strategic or operational decisions

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